Text: For the Want of a Better Word (Parole, contribution of a series of Three texts)
Design/ Text: DAMN 81, Research and Realities
Design: Faith in Arts, Volume 3 and 4

This Press & Fold issue on Resistance presents conversations, propositions and imaginations of fashion and resistance outside of fashion’s industrial context. For protest and resistance to become effective, it depends on community to generate, support and further it: with this issue we think further on these ideas of protest, activism and resistance in and around fashion, and not only in terms of clothing, and how it is portrayed in (fashion) imagery, but also in terms of how fashion is structured and organized. Assistant Designer to Beau Bertens. Contibuted text Commodification of Protest, edited by Hanka an der Voet.

In collaboration with Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, Atelier Éditions has authored an ongoing, ever-evolving series of experimental chapbooks which explore the assorted concepts, thoughts, theologies and dialogues examined within the museum’s Faith in Arts project. Faith in Arts is BMCM+AC’s multiple public dialogues, experiments, installations, and interviews examining art, spiritual practices and faith’s longstanding engagement with one another. Each conversation begins with an open-ended question: what does faith in arts mean to you?

Member of the initiating team of Pillow Lava, a newly formed international educational exchange network that has emerged from the disciplines of design, fine arts and their indefinite ramifications.

Editorial design of Research & Realities section in DAMNº a quarterly critical design magazine based in Belgium.

Artist Publication. In collaboration with Siegrid Demyttenaere.

Exhibition catalogue/magazine design for ‘Colors, etc’, an exhibition focussed on exploring colour within the framwork of contemporary design and art, opening in May at Tripostal, a cultural centre in Lille (FR). The exhibition is organised by lille3000 in partnership with Design Museum Ghent. Artist Publication. In collaboration with Siegrid Demyttenaere.

Design and implementation of the website and identity for Design Sciences Hub (DSH) in association with the University of Antwerp. DSH is a research centre focussed on the intersection of urban health, mobility and the built environment within our cities. Designed in collaboration with Siegrid Demyttenaere.

Thesis publication researching the influence and effects of everyday interactions used to control touch sensitive devices. Edition of 25.

The/ A/ Your/ Our Lap is an uncertain thing. Lap by definition is the space a child is placed to be cared for, it’s the area between the waist and knees of a seated person, it’s a portable device that can be opened up anywhere, it’s a sexy performance for eager paying pundits, it’s out of human control, it’s living in very comfortable condition, it’s a hanging flap on garments, it’s geographically the valley between two hills and it grants something without having been asked. It’s not about the lap it’s about how to Lap dance in the lap of the Gods whilst being nourished between two thighs.

Lap publication of Research Writing. A collection of texts that explore the meaning of the word lap.

Poster design for a series of five workshops titled ‘An Icebergs Meanderings’. In close virtual collaboration with Paul Dru, Leonore Emond, Amanda Gayle, David Pons and Maki Suzuki.

Graduation exhibition information and wayfinding leaflet.

Typeface created from the measurements of an individuals body. In collaboration with Einar Anderson.

Growing archive of published texts for self-distribution.

Artists Publication made with and for Uladzimir Hramovich, 2018

Presented at 1 euro cinema in Rotterdam (2020). An exercise in intervention. In collaboration with Katharine Wimettt.